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Bringing balance to energy centers and fields so people heal themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Meet Cynthia

Healing Touch Certified Practitioner

Cynthia Hawley, a cancer survivor and caregiver, began her training in energy work 1989 and has since continued to help people heal themselves.

She became certified in Touch for Health and Kinesiology in Pennsylvania and pursued her certification as a Healing Touch Energy Practioner through the  Healing Touch Program.   She is certified in Reflexology, Reiki I and II, Young Living Essential Oil Therapy, Color Therapy and Visualization Therapy. Cynthia is also trained as a life coach and helps her clients sort out truths and paths needed to reach and maintain their highest visions.  Cynthia is now also practicing Sound Therapy with Tuning Forks as a complementary healing technique.

Cynthia incorporates her extensive training with the vast experiences in her own life and with clients to enable people to live the lives that they dreamed of – healthy, balanced and happy.

Healing Touch Energy Work

Healing Touch balances and opens blockages in the body’s energy system, allowing the body to heal itself. Healing Touch produces profound changes in one’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Tuning Fork Sound Therapy

Tuning forks create vibrational tones that the human body responds to physically and emotionally.  Sound therapy, using the varied tones of the tuning forks, guides the body towards harmonious balance and centeredness.

Life Coaching

Do you have a vision for your ideal life?  Have the challenges the we all face kept you from realizing this vision?  Cynthia experience and compassion as a life coach can help move you towards your dreams.

"I was under significant stress and felt much better immediately after my treatment; the results were long-lasting and it was interesting that I actually felt layers of stress melting off days later. Felt more grounded and focused. If I lived closer I would see you every week!"

Linda, DE

"After my husband of 41+ years was diagnosed with a rare leukemia, my world seemed shattered. I could not eat, sleep, nor think about life without him. While I am a strong person, I cried almost constantly. Cynthia's session supported my emotional and spiritual needs to focus on the positive. I felt so much better even after the first session."

Deborah, MD

"I was emotionally and physically exhausted from stress, multiple surgeries and life tragedies. I thought I could never feel well or feel joy again. I thought I had "burn out" and PTSD. I was treated by Cynthia in a package of 3 healing touch treatments. I haven't felt so well in years! Cynthia helped me in so many ways with her wisdom and her techniques. I couldn't be happier. Thank you Cynthia!"

Debbie L., Myrtle Beach

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