Life Coaching

What is a Life Coach?

Do you have a vision for your ideal life?  Have the challenges the we all face kept you from realizing this vision?  Cynthia experience and compassion as a life coach can help move you towards your dreams.

A life coach is your personal champion.  She helps you define your vision, set goals and take action to meet them.  She offers accountability and methodology for taking steps, small or big, to move you in the direction of your dream life.

Cynthia will guide you to:

Recognize your skills and strengths

Remain focused on your goals

Strengthen your weaknesses

The life that you envision!

Move through challenges gracefully

How Does a Life Coach Benefit Me?

Sessions with Cynthia will help if you are:

Contemplating career changes

Making major life decisions

Struggling with relationship issues

Wanting to be healthier in mind and body

Under undue stress

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