Cynthia, Thank you for helping me clear my head, cleanse my soul and communicate more openly.


Myrtle Beach

Cynthia is a beautiful soul with an amazing gift for healing. She has helped me be balanced and open so I can go forward on my life path. Her knowledge of energy work, her intuition and insight along with her own life experience have made her a true blessing to all who have had the opportunity to work with her.

I never would have believed that such a transformation could take place with Healing Touch Therapy if I had not experienced it for myself.

Cynthia, thank you.



Thank you 5 months later for the energy work that you gave me our last day in Costa Rica.

I thought you might be interested in some feedback.  You began the session by sharing something you admitted was strange.

You said, “i can’t explain it but I hear a baby crying.”  I smiled because we had talked about my daughter Kate wanting to have a baby but had been told conceiving would be difficult.  Then you said you had a vision of pink.  I am happy to share the news that she is celebrating her 14th week of pregnancy and is expecting a girl. We are all thrilled.

Add this to your psychic experiences. I have added it to mine.

Keep up your good work

L. Marks

New York

Cynthia,  Thank you so very much for sharing your beautiful spirit, suggestions, talents and gifts with me. It all touched me deeply.


Myrtle Beach

I came to Cynthia for energy healing because I loved her energies right when I met her…I was interested in getting my chakras balanced and thought she would only do healing touch (which is wonderful), however, she took it a step further… I was amazed with how the “Tuning Forks” made me feel and how wonderfully balanced she helped me to become. The visualization techniques and guidance was beautiful as she utilized the harmonic tools. She has a wonderful way to test the chakras before and after treatment to be sure that all is balanced when shes finished.  Cynthia is very knowledgeable and I knew she had years of healing experience…she’s a true angel from God!!



The healing touch experience has been great for me.  Given the huge transition I have been involved in, it has helped me focus on the next chapter of my life.  That focus is purposeful and true.  Clearing the energy fields allows for new, fresh direction to come to light without the burden of the past.

Cindy G.

Pawleys Island, SC

I was under significant stress and felt much better immediately after my treatment; the results were long-lasting and it was interesting that I actually felt layers of stress melting off days later.  Felt more grounded and focused.  If I lived closer I would see you every week!



I lost my husband of 30 years three years ago…   I did what I call “hard grieving”…   Since my “illness” wasn’t physical but emotional, the first visit was very moving for me and it brought me to tears, which I believe were cleansing tears.  I have had three sessions and I can’t believe how much better I am.  My friends have also noticed a change in me and say that they can even hear it in my voice…    I feel that if I had not seen Cynthia, I would still be stuck in that awful place.


Pawleys Island, SC

I was so open to releasing some physical and emotional blockages that even in my first session with Cynthia I felt such a release and healing. Future sessions with her produced profound changes in my life and I am now feeling more spiritually, physically and emotionally healthy than I have felt in many years.


Myrtle Beach. SC

Having a session with Cynthia is like going on a long vacation. In one hour, I felt relaxed and worry-free, and yet afterwards, energized. My body felt light and flexible.


Pawleys Island, SC

I met Cynthia at a Healing Touch workshop that she was giving.  I was immediately intrigued by her holistic methods so I scheduled an appointment.  I was going through major transitions in my life.  My sessions with Cynthia have helped me successfully navigate changes smoothly and follow through with decisions with ease.

Cindy L.

Myrtle Beach. SC

I have struggled with physical issues for years and the current medical models were saying “There is nothing we can do for you…”.  My issues and symptoms remained, leading me to frustration and continued discomfort.  My sessions with Cynthia have led me to a great feeling of peace and healing and I haven’t had any flare ups for the first time in years.


Myrtle Beach, SC

I just took a big exam for my nursing degree…My highest grade EVER in school.  I know my stress release and energy unblocking session with Cynthia prior to this exam made this possible!  Thanks Cynthia…


Myrtle Beach, SC

Healing Touch balanced my chakras and made me sleep the best in years after 1 treatment.



My session left me relaxed and energized.  The session also removed my lower back pain which has greatly improved my mood and allowed me to travel 10 hours by car pain-free.



I first saw Cynthia about a year ago after my husband passed away.  She not only helped my body have more energy but she helped my spirits with her kind words of wisdom and working with me through my grief with healing touch work.  This year in July I went to MD to be operated on for ovarian cancer and recuperated there for a few weeks. After my arrival home I had a session with Cynthia and couldn’t believe how much better I felt.  I’m seeing Cynthia before I get Chemo and after my treatments and have had no side effects from the treatments, in fact I can’t believe how good I feel. She also coaches me which really keeps my spirits up.  I feel very fortunate that she is in my life.  The inspiration I receive from Cynthia is priceless



After my husband of 41+ years was diagnosed with a rare leukemia, my world seemed shattered.  I could not eat, sleep, nor think about life without him.  While I am a strong person, I cried almost constantly.  Cynthia’s session supported my emotional and spiritual needs to focus on the positive.  I felt so much better even after the first session.



After being diagnosed with a rare leukemia, I had much sadness thinking about not being there to support my wife, daughter, and seeing my grandsons grow up.  My sessions with Cynthia focused my mind toward positive thinking and relieved much of my stress.  More, the sessions inspired me to become stronger spiritually and to heal.  Cynthia is a rare person with the ability to uplift others to positively affect their emotions and inner strength.



I met Cynthia through a networking group, but still didn’t know much about what she did until I won a free session. After I spent an afternoon with her, I signed up for four more sessions. I can’t begin to tell you the difference Cynthia’s healing touch has made in my daily life. I’ve suffered from depression the past few years, so I was pretty much shut down emotionally and spiritually. I knew I needed help, but I didn’t want to take medication or talk to another counselor. I wasn’t sure what other options were available. I believe the free session was an answer to prayer.

Since the onset of our sessions, I’ve started a business that is flourishing, my writing (I’m a freelance writer) is more open and honest, I feel a sense of peace I’ve never had before, and my attitude is more positive than it’s been in a decade.

Also, my left ankle was swelling almost every evening and had been for nearly a year. A nurse friend said I needed to see a doctor because it could be an indication of a heart problem. Again, I didn’t want to go the traditional medical route. I mentioned the problem to Cynthia. She used something called a weaver and said that would take care of my ankle. I was a bit skeptical, but I’ll try almost anything once, and once is all it took. My ankle hasn’t swollen since our first session.

I appreciate Cynthia’s gentle ways, as well as her compassion, friendship and the encouraging influence she’s had on my life. Thanks for everything, Cynthia.”


Myrtle Beach, SC

After just one session with Cynthia my husband commented that my snoring (which had been keeping him awake at night for many months) had suddenly almost stopped.  Since I had previously scheduled a Sleep Study to see if I had Sleep Apnea, I went ahead with the study the week after our first session.  The study showed I had NO episodes of snoring at all.  I have had several more sessions with Cynthia – and no more complaints of snoring from my husband.  Cynthia’s Healing Touch is amazingly relaxing and I believe has made a huge difference in my sleeping as well as my husband’s.


Myrtle Beach, SC

Cynthia, Since our session, I have been able to consistently feel love again.  I came to you seeking to be rebalanced and to calm my mind. In my eyes and those of people who know me, I am full of life and love people. However, before coming to see you, stress and anger had started to take over and I had a daily battle to be calm, happy, and even function. Joy had left me and would only visit moments at a time.  I would experience the feelings of anger and hate toward strangers during daily life activities such as buying groceries or driving even just a few blocks.

After you cleared my blocked energy and guided me through a visualization session, I feel more and more like my happy self.  I have begun to see people through eyes of love versus anger and frustration.  I feel patient, happy,  and jovial like I usual am. I am smiling at strangers again and it is not forced; it is a genuine smile towards others.

I cannot wait to have another session with you as soon as I visit Myrtle Beach again.

Many thanks and hugs!  My best,” Liz  “P.S. My lower back is slightly looser as of a day later after the session 🙂


So you guys may be wondering how my Healing Touch by Cynthia session went from the certificate I won at our luncheon. Let me just say, Cynthia Kolb Hawley is amazing. I am so thankful for the experience. It’s hard to put into words to describe it. One thing that stands out the most is her touch. It is the warmest touch I have ever felt. I hope some of you will consider a session with her. Thank you Cynthia, very much. My session with you was an amazing experience. You are gifted, compassionate, beautiful, and a real class act. Wonderful!


North Myrtle Beach, SC

My name is Morgen. I was injured at my summer job which caused me to have to use a wheelchair. I was basically poisoned by pool chemicals and the doctors had no idea what to do for me. There was no treatment plan because they had no idea what to do . I was literally getting real bad and they  thought they were going to lose me. After seeing Cynthia I was able to begin to walk again. Before seeing Cynthia I never thought I would be able to walk across the stage at graduation. So after several healing touch sessions with Cynthia I was able to walk across the stage and go back to school instead of being home bound.  Thank you so much for helping me get my life back.



Cynthia,  Thank you so very much for sharing your beautiful spirit, suggestions, talents and gifts with me. It all touched me deeply.

Eileen W.

Myrtle Beach, SC

Cynthia has been such a gift to me, I am blessed to have her in my life. She has helped me so many times, and has taken away anxiety and fear that I carry while fighting my disease.


Myrtle Beach, SC

I was emotionally and physically exhausted from stress, multiple surgeries and life tragedies. I thought I could never feel well or feel joy again. I thought I had “burn out” and PTSD. I was treated by Cynthia in a package of 3 healing touch treatments. I haven’t felt so well in years! Cynthia helped me in so many ways with her wisdom and her techniques. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you Cynthia!

Debbie L

Myrtle Beach, SC

I wanted to thank you for my healing session the other day. I found all of the information that you gave me inspiring and extremely helpful. I have been feeling better in the past few days and I am hopeful and energized for my immediate future. I look forward to implementing the plan that you helped lay out for me. It was a such a pleasure meeting you and I look forward to our paths crossing again.

Most sincerely yours,

Kathy L.

My sessions with you have left me relaxed and alert. I have been dealing with the recent loss of my wife of 60 years and this therapy is allowing me to move on and deal with my grief. With your healing touch and life coaching I seem to be able to accept everyday challenges.


Socastee, SC

I met Cynthia in October 2012 at a retreat. At the time I was suffering from severe back injury and was advised to have back surgery and scheduled the following week to meet the surgeon. Earlier that year i had lost a child after a very long illness.  Her passing left me devastated, crushed.  During our first session the pain and discomfort released, within 20 minutes I was completely pain free. Her gentle touch and connection with the divine released the hurt both physically and emotionally for me. Throughout the following year I continued treatment with her.  Although I still have disc issues, the nagging and constant pain is gone.

This past Thanksgiving I had an opportunity to see Cynthia again. Feeling lighter than I had in years, I laid on the table.  Within a few minutes she started seeing birds little bluebird all around and mentioned it to me.  I laughed, prior to Jessica’s passing, we talked about bluebirds and since her death I saw them everywhere, so I knew my sweetheart was there.  She mentioned the Christmas tree, to find an bird ornament to place on top.  Cynthia had purchased one earlier which we both smiled and thought.. ok intuition is working. I graciously accepted her gift and went home.  Two weeks later December 13th,  on Jessica birthday I was in my kitchen with the door open the Christmas tree was decorated in the hallway and I was thinking of my girl, how much I missed her, reminiscing and remembering what a joy she had been in my life. A beautiful bluebird flew into the kitchen, encircled my head and flew into the foyer and rested atop the tree. Grateful for my session with Cynthia, I stood there in awe and spoke to her spirit to spirit, soul to soul. .. she stayed for a while, 5 minutes, then flew into Jessica’s bedroom.   Weeping, I sat on her bed while she perched herself on the fan. It was a very loving and peaceful visit. Heart to heart I felt her presence and was given the peace of mind that she was still with me, free and part of the all that is.  This has been tremendous gift to my spirit and soul. Although I miss her more than words could ever describe there is comfort knowing she is so near. I thank you, Cynthia, for opening my heart and awareness to see that death is just a new beginning… that spirit transcends and lives on. My little bird has shown her face throughout my grief,  now I am more aware and take a moment to be with her. This past month she assisted my husband through a tough transition by visiting him.  It’s funny, we do not even question when she comes in the house anymore.  She nested in our garage laying 4 eggs and hatching 4 little chicks.  Life goes on. We are all so blessed.

Love and deepest gratitude,


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